My work is built on the relationship of art with philosophy, addressing the problems of philosophical texts as visual powers capable of being translated into concrete images, through a synthetic analysis that transforms the abstraction of philosophical themes into material compositions abstract In my works the fundamental exploration is the game in space. The emptiness of the canvas in flat colors or the raw fabric that contrasts with the space saturated with spots and graphics. The impact of superimposed gestures reveals traces of partial, multiform, interrupted figures of space construction. They are residual fragments, perceptible with the same immediacy as the rest of the textures that constitute and endow the material with vitality.


Pak Frank’s work is included in a rebel and experimental avant-garde movement that is beginning to “scream” in these first years of the 21st Century. Conceptually acidic and really provocative, his Art invokes the abstract and gloomy poetry of inspiring Parnassian Masters as Victor Hugo or Charles Baudelaire, besides Cabaret Voltaire and Hugo Ball form the Dadaists tendencies. Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Vasili Kandinski, Jean-Michel Basquiat or Paul Jackson Pollock are definitely who marked in Pak his way of distorting abstractly verses into canvas, where colour gets dismal and shape emanates hate .
From all of them, he learned experimentally and practically his first rule in his whole work:
“Live your poems before you write them. Make them paint and they will get immortal”.